Trees for Life

My concern:

As some of you know, I was born and brought up in Barcelona, Spain. I still remember how as a little boy we used to travel with my family to Logroño, in La Rioja. It was a really long car trip of 5 hours. I remember that most of the journey would be through bare landscapes and I always wondered how come so few trees could be seen…

Nowadays – September 2018 – I live in the UK and we’ve just enjoyed a really pleasant “Spanish” summer, and while it’s been great to have so many sunny and warm days I can’t help being concerned for the world that we are leaving for our children.

A business should be socially responsible:

When I started this business I always had in mind to donate part of the profits to a good cause. It’s how I think business should work in this day and age. A business provides a service or a product to society and it obtains a profit in exchange. In our case cotton is the main ingredient in what we do, and producing it has an impact in our world. So we thought that a good way of closing the circle and thanking the earth for providing us with organic cotton, and society for trusting us, would be to plant trees.

There are lots of charities out there that already do that. You can plant trees in Africa for as little as 1$ per tree! But I wanted to plant trees closer to home, somewhere that we could go and visit to see the real work in action, the progress and where the money goes.

Our Choice:

Trees for Life is a beautiful organization that is dedicated to the restoration of the Caledonian forest. I must admit, before I started my research I didn’t even know that this forest existed in Scotland! But as soon as I entered their website and watched some of their great videos I immediately understood that they would be the right organization to choose.

Please check the video they’ve put together that perfectly explains what their actual job is. I strongly encourage you to watch it. I was really inspired and moved when I saw the outstanding job they do!

Our Commitment:

We are still a small business that is growing slowly and sustainably and can’t afford to donate a percentage of our earnings as we aren’t profitable yet. However, my commitment is to make a small donation every month until the date we become a profitable business. Then we will donate a percentage of the profits towards this beautiful cause.

Some people have told me that I’m crazy donating when we still aren’t profitable, but I believe so strongly in what I’m doing that I still want to go ahead with it. It’s a symbol of our values and our commitment to keep this planet green.

Our Public Donation:

You can see our donations by clicking on the link provided below. Every donation is translated into real trees that are planted in the Caledonian Forest. These trees will be one of the native species such as Scots Pine, Rowan, Dwarf Birch and Aspen and will help to transform open hillsides into healthy young woodland, rich in wildlife such as red squirrel, black grouse, capercaillie and wood ant.

Elephant Yoga – Trees for Life

Buying our beautiful rugs will directly support Trees for Life, but you can also contribute to our grove of tress by clicking the link below.

Donate to Elephant Yoga Grove of Trees

My Dream:

One day I would like to do the exact same job that Trees for Life do in the Caledonian Forrest in my homeland, Spain. Please contact me if that’s something you would be interested to do too.