Rug Care

Taking Care Of Your Yoga Rug:

First of all, this is a 100% handmade product, so do expect some shrinkage and natural fading as you use your rug.

Once you open the package, unfold the rug and roll it out to give it its natural shape. You will notice that when you start using it, it may shed some fluff. To avoid this, you can wash it beforehand, although this is not necessary. This is an artisan product that has taken hours of work to be produced. Treat this rug with love and respect to give it a long life.


Wash separately by hand or in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergents or those with colour care formulas. Avoid warm & hot water as well as bleach and softeners as they will lead to the colours fading.


Dry your rug by hanging it in a warm place. Avoid direct sun light and tumble dryers as these might lead to the colours of your rug fading.


At Elephant Yoga, we are great believers in recycling. If you no longer wish to use your rug, there are many alternative uses for it. Use it as a runner, a picnic blanket, a beach mat, a baby mat or simply give it to another yogi!