Hi, my name is Carlos.

I’m an Ashtanga Yoga student and it was Ashtanga that led me to found Elephant Yoga. Let me share my story with you…

When I started practising Ashtanga I only used a rubber mat because that’s how most forms of yoga are being practised today. However I soon realised that a rubber mat on its own was far from ideal for Ashtanga. Ashtanga is highly mentally and physically demanding. Your physical exertion causes your body to perspire, especially if you are in a led class with 17 other people also exerting themselves!   Rubber mats used on their own are not breathable and get stinky, build up dirt, they wear away with use and they can get quite slippery. If you practise pushing your limits on a slippery mat it can be quite risky, and there’s nothing worse for a yogi than not being able to practise or being limited in their practice due to an injury.

All of this led me to start looking for a yoga rug. Yoga rugs were traditionally used in India before rubber mats were invented and before rugs, yogis used to practise on the bare floor. I soon became frustrated with the limited offer available on the market, and more importantly, not many companies are using organic cotton, so that’s how Elephant Yoga was born.

A yoga rug is like your little personal sanctuary. We spend a lot of time using it so it needs to feel comfortable and inviting, and having a beautiful yoga rug makes you want to dedicate more time to the practice. The stunning colours available from Elephant Yoga help your mind focus and relax, and the hand loomed threads of the 100% organic, breathable cotton yoga rug under your bare feet give the feeling of a gentle massage.

So allow me to invite you to explore our website and discover the beautiful products we’ve got waiting for you 🙂